Code of conduct

Whilst the majority of our passengers act in a responsible manner, our continued permission to operate services on the main line — and the smooth running of the day — depends on everyone abiding by a few simple rules which exist to ensure that we all have a safe and pleasant trip.

1. You must not lean out of the windows , either when the train is moving or at any time where doing so could be dangerous or bring HDL into disrepute. For these purposes if any part of your body is projecting outside the train this will be counted as leaning.

2. Please don’t shout from the windows, especially in a way that may upset passengers or onlookers.

3. Avoid acting in any way that may cause justified annoyance to your fellow passengers.

4. Please don’t loiter in the vestibules of the power cars next to the guards van, as these need to be kept clear for staff access.

5. Standard Class ticket-holders should not enter the Club Class section of the train.

6. Passengers should not alight from the train other than at designated station stops.

7. Toilets should not be flushed when the train is standing at a station.

8. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the train.

The Tour Manager has absolute discretion to require a passenger to leave the train at any station, if in their opinion that passenger has been guilty of a serious breach of any of these rules. Alternatively or additionally, any such individual may be barred indefinitely from travelling on future HDL trips. Please note that tickets are sold subject to these conditions. Our paths on the national network are critical, as we have to pay a financial penalty if we cause subsequent delays to other services. We will not be able to wait for anyone who is late back to the train at any point. HASTINGS DIESELS LIMITED Revised June 2017