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How hard is it to play golf

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https://golftrain.ukAre you looking for a new sporting challenge this could be for you.  It’s true to say that the game of golf is available to the masses.  Pretty much anyone could play golf if they wanted to  The game of golf allows almost anyone can learn to play golf, whether you’re 5 or 65.  There are some caveats around that, you need to be physically fit enough to play the game around a 5 to 6-mile walk.  To play the game to any standard you need to consider some tuition from a professional at the club you normally play. You need to have the need to exercise both your body and your mind.  Especially in the beginning where If you are not exercised you will get tired both mentally and physically.

If you are a loner and want to play as a single player, you can do that, equally, if you want to play in groups normally of two-three of four this is quite normal.  It’s entirely up to you.  Especially at the beginning Its best to practice on your own to get to a level to play the game with others.  Unless of course there is a group of you all starting together.

If your intention is to play the sport to a reasonable standard you will need to have a certain level of finance available which I will go into later.  You will also need a certain amount of time to learn to play golf, not only actually hitting balls, but the rules and etiquette should be considered.  Generally speaking, you should give yourself a couple of years to get to a reasonable standard of club golf.  

The game seems easy, on the face of it all your doing is hitting balls with a stick, Its getting the ball to do what’s in your mind when you stand and address the ball before you take the shot! Especially, in the beginning, this will not happen as you expect, you will need some mental resilience to get to a good standard.

What beginner golf clubs should I buy?

How hard is it to play golfOne way of looking at it is  to buy as many as you need as a starter, by that I mean enough clubs in your bag to allow you a successful 18 holes of golf.  If you decide this is the way you want to go I would recommend as a basic starter a driver, a putter, a sand-wedge (To get you out of a bunker!) supplement that with a couple of irons say a 5 or 6 and 7 or 8 and a fairway wood.  This will get you round a golf course and are the most forgiving clubs you can have.

Another way of looking at this significant purchase is to engage with current technologies.  Initially this will allow you to change the golf club structure as the game you play alters, gets better.  This will allow you to purchase, but the golf clubs will last you longer.

How many golf lessons should a beginner take?

How hard is it to play golfIts a good start to watch youtube videos, go to your local driving range, hit a few balls, but not too many.  Play a round or two of golf at your local club, preferably with someone just starting like you are.  When you really want to know the better points about the game , that is the time you need a professional, to play to a standard.  You don’t have to take the golf profssional at your local course, there are plenty to choose.   How many lessons depends on you, there are many variables, how fit you are to start with. How much talent you have for the game.  There is no doubt they will be good to sort out the basics, Stance, swing and club selection.

I certainly would not have all the lessons in one tranche.  If you have a lesson one a week, then after a few weeks take a break, put into practice what the professional have taught you.  

Dont forget, its not all about your golf shot, its also about etiquette, rules of golf, so ask the professional anything about these matters.


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