Golf for beginners

How many golf lessons should a beginner take?

How many golf lessons should a beginner take?

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Its a good start to watch youtube videos, go to your local driving range, hit a few balls, but not too many. Play a round or two of golf at your local club, preferably with someone just starting like you are. When you really want to know the better points about the game , that is the time you need a professional, to play to a standard. You don’t have to take the golf profssional at your local course, there are plenty to choose. How many lessons depends on you, there are many variables, how fit you are to start with. How much talent you have for the game. There is no doubt they will be good to sort out the basics, Stance, swing and club selection.
I certainly would not have all the lessons in one tranche. If you have a lesson one a week, then after a few weeks take a break, put into practice what the professional have taught you.
Dont forget, its not all about your golf shot, its also about etiquette, rules of golf, so ask the professional anything about these matters.

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