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What is the use of golf clubs?

What is the use of golf clubs?

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What is the use of Golf clubs?

What is the use of golf clubs?The objective of a game of golf is to get around the course in as fewer shots as possible and obviously you use your golf clubs to do this.  There are four main types and within those types, there is a range and everyone is different.

What clubs to buy is dependant on a lot of things, the main ones are whether you are expert, beginner of anywhere in between. Your personal budget, the detail of this is gone into elsewhere, here is to give the beginner an idea of what clubs do what and are they important for a beginner.

What are Woods in golf?

These days woods are not made of wood.  In the 1980s the club heads changed to steel/titanium. So these days although they are called woods, they are made of steel!  This has meant that the heads can be much bigger.  There is a range of woods available.

The Driver (also known as No1 Wood) to a 5 wood.  The driver is the lowest lofted and whilst can be used on the railway, is usually used off long holes from the tee.  This club is the hardest club to master in your bag, You will need a lot of time to master.

Woods 2 to 5  are known as fairway woods. These clubs are generally used as the second shot from the tee.  These are more lofted than a driver, 2 is more lofted than a driver, 3 is more lofted than a 2 and so on.  It’s not usual for the average golfer to have a complete set, for instance, the no2 wood is quite rare in a golfers bag.  You might see a 3 and 5 wood in the bag.

Woods 5 to 11 are known as utility woods. These are a more forgiving club to hit than a low numbered iron.  As you can have a maximum of 14 clubs in a bag these are decisions you will need to make in due course.

What are irons in golf?

These clubs are made of steel.  Like any other club in a golfers bag, they are part of the repertoire of clubs to get you round the golf course.   As a beginner these clubs likely to be at the higher numbered end 6 to 9.  It is likely to have only three to start with.  The clubface is made of steel and is grooved to enable you to spin the ball.

The low number clubs are for distance and therefore have less loft and would be used, shall we say,  the second shot from the tee, whilst the high numbers and for approach and around the green.

1 and 2 Irons are very hard to find these days, golfers prefer alternative clubs.

So a 4 iron would have more lift than a 3 iron and so on until you get to the 9 iron.


For most beginners, the higher number of clubs are easier to work with.

Most beginners set off the shelf will have three irons and pretty much in all golf shots you need to understand your yardage and the trajectory for each club.

The shaft is the engine in each shot you make.  It is said that the shaft has to be perfectly suited to the golfer.  The shaft is mostly made of steel this is to give you greater accuracy and consistency in the shot you are attempting.  

The grip is generally made of rubber, sometimes rubber and cord.  In the olden days, club handles were made from leather.  These grips no matter which you buy do wear out and need replacement from time to time.

What is a wedge in Golf?

There are a number of different wedges a player might use.  There use is to travel short distances, but are highly lofted, to get out of bunkers, over obstacles etc.

Pitching Wedge

Shortest distance, highly lofted (They are usually set to mid to upper 40 degrees of lift.  This is the club you as a beginner is likely to get.

Sand Wedge

This is another club that is highly lofted say mid 50 degrees and is designed to hut through sand in a bunker.

Gap wedge (AKA Attack wedge or approach wedge)

This is a lesser-known club and definitely not a club you will want until you are well established, but this club as the name states plugs the gap between the pitching and sand wedge, with a lift of somewhere between the two clubs, say 48 to 54 degrees.  It’s designed for more accuracy.

Lob wedge

This is the highest elevation club a golfer can put in the bag.  It’s designed to get up an over hazards or to land on a green with the minimum roll.  This is another club that you will not need as a beginner, but later on, when you are adding clubs it may become an option.

The Putter

This is, without a doubt, the most used club.  It is only used on a green, Its the only club that can be used on the green.  A standard putter is most usual, with a belly or broomstick putter a much longer club as options if you cannot get on with a standard putter.  The heads of a putter can be flat blade or mallet.

Flat blade putter

This type of putter has a smaller head  Its the most common putter out there today.  

Mallet Putter 

This type of putter is definitely second but is becoming more common amongst beginners.  This is because the weight of the putter is at the end and as such has a straighter put.

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