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The Train

Golt Train

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The train being used for the Golf Train.

The golftrainOur train today dates from the middle 1950s and ran from Hastings to London Charing Cross until the mid 80s. 

When there was no longer a need for the train is was retired, whilst most of the fleet was scrapped,. Unit 1001 a Hastings Demu was bought by the Hastings Diesel Limited and loving restored to as you see it today.  Systems on the train have been introduced so that it can retain running on British Rail tracks.  

Since it “retired” its been seen all over the United Kingdom.  Scotland Wales all over England.  Its Frequently used for enthusiasts to travel on special services.  

The Hastings Demu  train is 6 carriages long with a motor coach at each end.  It has first (known as Club Class) and second class.  It has a full size buffet car that sells all sorts of hot, cold drinks and snacks.  Something that is really unusual these days. 

There are a number of seat formations, quiet unusually there are some one seats on there own. 2 and 4 seat configuration. There are a number of areas where groups can sit together 

If you want to know more about Hastings Diesels limited go here

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